Fiona Pardington: A Beautiful Hesitation | Mobile Edition Apple/Android


Fiona Pardington: A Beautiful Hesitation | Mobile Edition Apple/Android



Published by Baker+Douglas Publishing in association with Victoria University Press 2015.

Mobile editions for iPhone and Android include the same content as the hardback publication: 264 pages, 150 colour and black and white images.


Fiona Pardington: A Beautiful Hesitation is the first substantial digital arts publication developed for a smartphone in Australasia. For a limited time Baker+Douglas are offering A Beautiful Hesitation for the heavily discounted rate of NZ$4.49.

A Beautiful Hesitation is the most comprehensive survey of Pardington’s work to date spanning thirty years of her practice. It delves deeply into the photographer’s archive presenting many of her early images for the first time. 

From an analogue process of exquisitely realised black and white images to digital photographs that are rich with colour, Pardington’s oeuvre includes themes from the spirituality that underpins Māori customs and the metaphysical world to sexual and cultural politics. Her cornerstones are the abject, the discarded, the precious and the wounded, and the deep ties she maintains with her Kāi Tahu heritage.

Alongside the images, ordered into sequences of overlaping themes, are newly commissioned essays by: Aaron Lister, Hana O’Regan, Susan Best, Kriselle Baker, Zara Stanhope, Ron Brownson and Peter Shand.  Also included are a substantial interview by Andrew Paul Wood and an archive section of significant earlier texts.

To view a free preview copy or to purchase the full edition, download the Baker+Douglas App from iTunes or Google Play on your mobile. You can then make your in-app selection.